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Kenneth "K.L." Wright

Creative Director

K.L. Wright has shot thousands of photographs of families, athletes, models, students, musicians as well as been the man behind the camera for new start up businesses in the Central Florida Area. If you are in need of a creative team that is going to fulfill your budget and capture your special moments then Kreative Look Visuals is your only choice.


Kreative Look Visuals has been around for over a decade, K.L. comes highly recommended by the top agents and managers in the Atlanta and Miami entertainment industry. He has recently partnered with accomplished brand management company Gray Segments in Los Angeles. Which has quite a few high profile celebrity clients. On the other hand, Kreative Look Visuals still maintains a reasonable price point allowing K.L. to spend adequate time on each project while not breaking the bank of his clients.


Whether you are looking for actor headshots, fashion photography, corporate portraits, or commercial photography/videography, K.L. undoubtedly can assist in getting you the best videos and photographs possible. 

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